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Celebrating Student Leaders and Learners

Here at Meridian Heights we get to hear each and everyday about all of our students’ successes, not only in the school but in the community as well. We believe it is important to recognize individual student achievements. Success for one can look entirely different than success for another - one is not more or less important than the other.

The students featured on our new Student Leaders and Learners Blog are part of the Ecole Meridian Heights School Community. If your child has achieved success and you would like us to feature it on this site, please send the details of the ‘achievement’ and a picture (not mandatory) to meridian@psd70.ab.ca.

Meridian Heights Wikispace

We have created a wikispace to house our ever changing online resources. Our newly developed wikispace contains an exhaustive list of resources for use by Teachers, Students and Parents alike.  

Our wikispace contains links to such things as:

  • Grade, class and curriculum support
  • Seasonal and/or special occasion links
  • By category
  • By subject

Visit our wikispace at http://meridianheights.wikispaces.com/.