École Meridian Heights
School (K–9)


Grade 6 Immunizations

Children who are eligible for Grade 6 immunizations may be immunized in the school setting with parental consent. Please check your child’s school bag for a package which contains information about the vaccines, along with a consent form for each vaccine.  In order for your child to be immunized, each consent form must be signed and returned to your child’s school by the date indicated on the envelope.

Consents being sent home the week of:  September 16th, 2019

The immunization round dates at Ecole Meridian Heights School are as follows:

Round 1:  29 November 2019

Round 2:  28 January 2020

Round 3:  29 May 2020

*If your child is not present on the round dates they may receive immunizations on other dates throughout the school year.

For tips on preparing your child for immunizations, please refer to https://www.immunize.ca/pain-management-children

***If you are new to Alberta OR if your child has been immunized at your doctor’s office or pharmacy, AHS Public Health may not have a record of your child’s immunizations.  To ensure your child is up to date with all recommended immunizations refer to the schedule at https://www.alberta.ca/immunization-routine-schedule.aspx

To provide an up to date immunization record or if you have any questions you may contact the nurse assigned to your child’s school at 780-968-3784 or 780-968-4268