École Meridian Heights
School (K–9)


Travis Kinney


About Me

I have been an educator for almost twelve years now.  Eleven of those twelve years have been with Parkland School Division.  My first seven were spent teaching at Greystone Centennial Middle School in Spruce Grove.  This year is my fourth at École Meridian Heights School.  After teaching one year of grade six, I was offered to take on the role of School Counsellor in addition to teaching all of the junior high Health & Life Skills, Science 7, and some option classes.  Although my predecessor left some very big shoes to fill as the School Counsellor, I am very much enjoying the role and all of the learning opportunities that come with it.  In fact, I truly feel blessed as this is my dream job and it could not be happening at a better school!  In addition to my duties as School Counsellor/Teacher, I thoroughly enjoy coaching the Meridian Heights Magic elementary indoor relay teams that compete at the Running Room Indoor Games, as well as coaching the Magic coed soccer team.  The students and staff at Meridian Heights are absolutely amazing, and I learn something new from them every single day.  I always look forward to coming to work in the morning, and that is due to all of the people who are connected to Meridian Heights; students, parents, and staff.  During my personal time I keep busy by playing hockey three times a week during the fall/winter months, and playing baseball and golf in the spring and summer.  I have a wonderful wife named Alicia with whom I have been married for six years.  We have a son, Scanlon, whom unfortunately passed away on the day he was to be born on June 20, 2015.  We work very hard every day to honour his memory.  Our amazing dog Sidney (Corgi/Bichon/Pomeranian/Dachshund) plays a big role in our lives as she is the most positive and uplifting pooch you will ever meet.  Our late son Scanlon now has a sister!  Our daughter, Gwyneira Meissa Kinney was born September 20, 2017.  My wife and I see our son in her every day.  We cherish every moment we have together, and our son is always with us in our hearts and souls.  I hope to have many great years at Meridian Heights, and look forward to all of the challenges that lie ahead.